Home Visits & Other Services


If there is a service you need that isn't covered here, please feel free to contact me for a no obligation quote.

Home Visits



 This includes some play in the garden or indoors, carrying out some basic training (as per your instructions), feeding and of course, 

cleaning up any little accidents!


Senior dogs:


It may just be some company your Golden Oldie needs. Along with a visit to the garden or a walk around the block, I am happy to just sit with them or give them a brush, for example.



Other Services
Pet Taxi available after 3pm
I can drop off at and collect from
the Groomer's or I can offer a Sit 'n' Wait Service at the Vet's (pre-booking essential).
And for a treat...
Homemade Liver Cake available.
Made to order. 
A selection of natural treats available - just ask!