Walking is an essential part of a dogs day and an absolute must to keep a dog's body and mind in perfect condition. My dogs come along for the Early Bird walk and sometimes again in the afternoon - they enjoy meeting different dogs and walking in different places.

I can tailor my walking programme to suit your dog. Whether it's a gentle stroll in a park or a hike through the woods, your dog's needs will be catered for. If your dog likes to swim then there are plenty of watering holes in the area for him to take a dip. Should you or I be hesitant in letting your dog off lead, I will use a long line to ensure they are never too far away, while able to run, play and interact as necessary.

Group walks are standard, however, if your dog is better alone, I can offer a solo walk and even a secure, private paddock if dog aggression or bad recall is an issue. This may also be ideal for building confidence with young pups off lead.

We can normally be found in Alver Valley, Gilkicker or one of the numerous parks that Gosport has to offer. However, I am flexible and open to suggestions if you or your dog has a preference.

Countryside Hike

At the weekends, we tend to cover the whole of Alver Valley and sometimes we go further afield. It could be to Titchfield Canal, Hundred Acres or one of the Royal Country Parks. If you would like your dog(s) to accompany us, they can be safely transported in my van which has secured crates fitted, to keep all passengers safe and secure while travelling. We usually stop off for a bite to eat too!

...And yes, I do walk dogs in the rain...

Wide open space for dogs to run